Free HTTP Proxy List


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Free public proxies
Daily 100k proxy server scraped from the internet.We're updating the list every 10 minutes.If you need stable proxy use web proxy sites.

75% Proxy list updating in few minutes...
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How to use Proxy

For Firefox
  1. Select the Tools Menu
  2. Select Options
  3. Select the Advanced Icon
  4. Select the Network tab
  5. Under connection select Settings
  6. Under Settings you can chose "Auto-Detect Proxy setting for this network" or "Manual Proxy Configuration"
  7. If choosing "Manual Proxy Configuration" Enter the IP address for the HTTP proxy server
  8. Enter the port of the HTTP proxy server
  9. Click Okay
For Chrome
  1. Go to chrome://settings
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Click Open Proxy Settings
  4. Click Lan Settings
  5. Click Use a proxy server... checkbox
  6. Type ip and port
  7. Click Okay